tale as old as time: A pandemic love story
You know the one.  Boy (or girl) meets girl (or boy) and fall in love. After countless conversations and nights together you decide to get engaged. After the celebrations and excitement starts to settle, you start planning the day where you will be married. Maybe you hired a planner – and maybe you didn’t You went venue to venue and had countless conversations over liquor consumption, meal/catering requirements, date availabilities, etc before finally selecting your perfect destination   You went through painful proposals and delicious tastings to pick your perfect caterer You pinterest boarded everything from elaborate floral arrangements to custom gifts for your guests You sized up in the pant department after cake tastings You scrolled through 100’s of Instagram photographers before selecting the perfect artist for your big day Not to mention the guest list, the seating charts, the invitations, the floor plan, the schedule – the list goes on!

Whether your wedding date is next week or in 5 months, the reality is; you need to plan and prepare for the Pandemic of Covid-19

I have been getting a lot of questions and concerns from my couples for 2020 and I wanted to outline some suggestions below for any others that are facing the same issues. 


Depending on how close your date is, will determine what you need to do. Some of you will need to take action right away, while others should be planning out a strategy, should this continue on. Have conversations with your vendors. Most vendors will be sympathetic during these times and offer great options for you to consider. It’s important to start having these conversations now so you know what your options are.
  • Can you reschedule?
  • Will there be a penalty for rescheduling?
  • What if you reschedule and they are already booked for your new date?
  • Are there any time restrictions for reschduling?
Get all the information you need so you can make an educated decision on your next steps. Prioritize your vendors along with their policies, so you can coordinate the best plan of action. 


Come up with a “deadline”. Your deadline will act as a day that defines when you need to start looking at the current situation, taking action and either moviving forward or picking a new date. Some questions you might want to ask yourself:
  • How close to your day are you comfortable waiting, before looking to reschedule?
  • How far in advance should you notify your guests if you do reschedule?
  • How far in advance are your vendors willing to wait to know what your plans are?
Picking this date will help provide you comfort – think of it as a “I don’t need to worry about this until [INSERT DEADLINE DATE] hall pass For those of you running on a shorter timeline – This is the time where you take that information you discussed with your vendors and start looking at different dates and solutions that you might be interested in. This is going to be a hard process, but just remember your day will come, and it will be worth it. 


Enjoy time with your future husband or wife. Find something unique and fun for you both to enjoy with each other and offer a happy distraction from everything going on right now. 
  • Organize an online pictionary or game night with some friends 
  • Find a meal you both would love to learn to make (and make it!)
  • Come up with a daily exercise routine to keep you both active
Whatever it is you decide to do, enjoy each other and try not to stress. 

Final thoughts

I can only imagine the stress and struggles you are dealing with while facing this problem. If you find yourself in need of any additional support or advice, head on over to our contact form and I would love to set up a time to connect with you